In a nutshell, we are about building brands and helping people and businesses achieve success.

Our vision is to be a one stop design & development agency that focuses on providing quality service to our clients.

So it all started, like the best ideas do… 

Multimedia Tech Design was founded in July 2018 by four young black professional South Africans who were based in Durban. They all had a passion to start a new company that would help other people succeed, be it clients or employees – they believed all can succeed. 

Since most of the co-founders studied IT, the initial idea was to start an IT company. After much research and the combination of ideas, they thought design and development is what we should focus on. And that’s how our agency, Multimedia Tech Design was born. 

We love what we do and we bring fun and creativity in all our client’s projects. 

Building Brands. Helping You Succeed

Our mission is to help our clients achieve business success through increased brand awareness and sales.

Our Values and Commitment

We are always looking for people with great talent to join our team. 

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